Latest innovations a giant leap for dentistry

As we continue to progress in the era of technology, various fields experience remarkable advancements, and dentistry is no exception. Thanks to the development of innovative tools and techniques, the field of dentistry is rapidly evolving, offering more precise, efficient, and personalised care.

Some of the latest innovations that are revolutionising dental care are:

Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI has become an integral part of dentistry, enhancing diagnostics and providing personalised treatment plans. AI-powered applications aid dentists in early detection of potential dental issues, improving diagnostic accuracy and reducing human error. In the future, we may even witness AI-assisted robots performing surgical procedures.

Intraoral Scanner: A remarkable boon to modern dentistry, the Intraoral Scanner accurately captures real-time 3D models of the mouth, facilitating accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. This tool offers patients a swift and painless experience.

CRISPR: A groundbreaking gene-editing tool, CRISPR is transforming the treatment of genetic dental disorders like enamel hypoplasia, dentinogenesis imperfecta, and amelogenesis imperfecta. By precisely modifying the human genome, it provides a permanent solution to a range of dental issues, promising a bright future for dental treatments.

3D Printing: This technology is revolutionising denture production by creating a perfect fit through digital scans. It not only reduces time and costs but also allows for easy customisation, enhancing comfort and functionality.

Robotic Surgery: While not widely available yet, robotic technology shows immense potential in enabling greater precision and accuracy in complex dental surgeries, which could lead to reduced recovery time and improved patient outcomes.

Regenerative Dentistry: A groundbreaking field that utilises biologically active molecules and biomaterials to stimulate natural healing and tissue regeneration in the oral cavity. This holds the promise of stronger, more natural-looking teeth, and reduced decay.

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